Pedigree management regulation / Breeding restriction
for Samoyed dogs in Denmark


To be able to pedigree management puppies shall the following condition be fulfilled: 

  1. Parents born after 01.01.85, shall before pairing, on one of DKK (Danish Kennel Club) approved show achieve at least a 2. prize.
    Dogs born after 01.01.85, there 2 times on a show get 0, can only achieve pedigree management privilege after subsection 10b in DKK's pedigree management regulation.

  1. Both parents shall be HIP-photographs before pairing. Earliest age for HIP-photographs are 12 month for both sex.

  1. The puppies shall ear or groin tattooing.

  1. Puppies after Samoyed dogs can not be registrated in Danish Kennel Club, unless both parents are examined by a veterinary, approved by DKK's eye board and found free from Cataract of hereditary type or PRA. The Dog shall on the examined time complete 12 month, and the certificate may not be older than 12 month at the time of pairing.

  1. Proves PRA by a Samoyed dog, exclude this, its parents, and also its possible offspring from further breed.


PRA = Progressiv Retina Atrofi.

Read more on DKK's  & veterinary eye specialist Homepage (in Danish lauguage)